Our Story

Inspired by decades of breathing expertise, MyoTape was born out of a desire to help people enhance their health through the power of nasal breathing.

Our Founder

Our products are designed by Patrick McKeown, a globally respected breathing expert, author, and TEDx speaker.

MyoTape is a ground-breaking product promoting healthy breathing for improved sleep. His experience at Oxygen Advantage and Buteyko Clinic International has been instrumental in creating MyoTape, a solution for widespread issues associated with mouth breathing.

Patrick McKeown
MyoTape Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to help you master the art of nasal breathing, paving the way for improved sleep, enhanced concentration, and boosted overall health.

MyoTape gently encourages lip closure without covering the mouth, offering you a comfortable, effective solution to common sleep issues.

How MyoTape Works

MyoTape supports nasal breathing by gently holding the lips together during sleep and physical activity.
Made From Stretchy Elastic Fabric And Hypoallergenic, Skin-friendly Glue
90 Strips Per Pack (Approx. 3 Months’ Supply)
Available in 3 Sizes: For Adults, Teens and Kids
Options available: For Sport, Beards or Sensitive Skin
Improves Quality of Sleep, Dental Health and Athletic Performance
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Ideal For Adults and Kids

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Discover the benefits of MyoTape, wake up feeling revitalized, and say goodbye to tiredness. Transform your health and energy levels today!