MYOTAPE Sport is For Pro and Recreational Athletes

MYOTAPE Sport is a training support for use during physical exercise. Wear
while you train to experience the benefits of nasal breathing:

  • Optimal oxygen
  • 22% better breathing efficiency (Dallam, 2018)
  • Quicker recovery after exercise
  • Less airway irritation/exercise-induced asthma
  • Stronger breathing muscles for better stamina
  • Defense against respiratory infections like colds, flu and COVID-19
  • Better inner balance (measurable using a HRV monitor)

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When exercise gets tough, you open your mouth to breathe. Mouth breathing gets more air into the body, fast.
It’s an instinctive response to your body’s thirst for oxygen.

But mouth breathing actually reduces the amount of oxygen that gets to your working muscles, tissues and organs.
It produces symptoms including exercise-induced asthma and frequent colds. And it inhibits your natural focus,
preventing you from accessing the deep flow state you need to perform.

A competitive edge

MYOTAPE Sport makes it easy to restore healthy nose breathing. The tape does the work for you, so you can keep your focus where it’s needed — on your game, on your goals and on the road ahead of you.

MYOTAPE Sport goes around the mouth, not over the mouth. It uses a light elastic tension to remind the mouth to close. It’s completely safe. And you can still open your mouth to talk or take a drink of water, whenever you need.

Meanwhile, your body gets on with producing those performance-enhancing adaptations that boost strength, speed and endurance. For better health and better performance, long-term.

MYOTAPE Sport — made with quality in mind

We understand that the quality of your gear can make or break a training session. And because you’re passionate about your fitness, we are too.

  • Won’t peel off during practice, even when you sweat hard
  • Keeps your skin safe with a hypoallergenic, skin-friendly glue
  • Allows you to open your mouth to speak and hydrate
  • Is the brainchild of Oxygen Advantage® founder, Patrick McKeown, and purpose-built for use with the OA breathing exercises

How to wear MYOTAPE Sport:

  • Wear MYOTAPE Sport throughout your training.
  • If you have small nostrils or a deviated septum, use MYOTAPE Sport with NasalDilator to open your nasal airway and make nose breathing easier.
  • MYOTAPE Sport will not stick to facial hair. But since it only takes 6 months for your body to adapt fully to nasal breathing, you may consider going clean shaven for this time (it’s worth it!). Or you can try placing a small piece of medical paper tape across your lips instead. This won’t give you the flexibility of MYOTAPE Sport, but it will achieve the same end result.


When sport is your down time, your me-time and your weekend pleasure time, you can train yourself to breathe only through your nose during exercise. You’ll experience huge benefits, and your performance will come on in leaps and bounds. If the air hunger gets too much — and to start with, it will feel intense — just slow your pace until your breathing feels calm.


When sport is your way of life, you will alternate nose and mouth breathing, breathing through your nose about 50% of the time. When training is intensive, use mouth breathing to maintain muscle condition. During lighter exercise — and in your day-to-day — breathe through your nose. Research has proven that healthy adults can maintain nasal breathing to 85% of VO 2 max.


Perform. Recover. Enhance.

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