MyoTape Nose Breathing For Adults


  • MyoTape helps gently restore breathing through the nose.
  • Easy to Use – MyoTape sleep strips surround the mouth, and bring together the lips with light elastic tension. They do not cover the mouth.
  • Skin-Friendly – MyoTape is made using cotton and skin-friendly glue.
  • Expert Designed – Designed by international renowned breathing expert Patrick McKeown, Author of the Oxygen Advantage.

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90 strips in each pack

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Medium tape: Overall size 43.5mm high x 60mm wide. Opening for the lips: 14mm high x 36.5mm wide.

Large tape: Overall size 50mm high x 70mm wide. Opening for the lips: 16mm high x 40mm wide.

Introducing MyoTape Nose Breathing For Adults, a revolutionary solution designed to promote nasal breathing and transform your sleep quality. Our hypoallergenic mouth tape is expertly crafted with skin-friendly adhesive and gentle cotton material to ensure a comfortable and secure fit. Ideal for use with CPAP machines, MyoTape delivers a comprehensive approach to improving your sleep, health, and well-being.

Experience the multitude of benefits that come with nose breathing, including reduced snoring, enhanced focus, and improved dental health. MyoTape is specifically designed to support those struggling with sleep apnea and mouth snoring, resulting in a better night’s sleep and reduced fatigue throughout the day. Our easy-to-apply tape is as simple as stretching, securing, and removing.

Invest in your health and elevate your sleep quality with MyoTape Nose Breathing For Adults. Make the switch to nasal breathing and unlock the key to a more restful and rejuvenating sleep experience. Order your MyoTape today and experience the difference for yourself!

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