MyoTape Nose Breathing For Sensitive Skin


  • Prevent Mouth Snoring
  • Help Focus, Improve Sleep Quality, and Reduce Fatigue
  • Improve dental health
  • Improve Sleep Apnea and support CPAP

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90 strips in each pack

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* Please note that this tape is slightly less sticky than our usual tape.

Dimensions of Medium MyoTape: Overall size 43.5mm high x 60mm wide. Opening for the lips: 14mm high x 36.5mm wide.

Dimensions of Large MyoTape: Overall size 50mm high x 70mm wide. Opening for the lips: 16mm high x 40mm wide.

Colour: beige (skin tone)

Introducing MyoTape Nose Breathing For Sensitive Skin, specially designed for people with sensitive skin. Our revolutionary product significantly improves your sleep and overall health by enhancing nasal breathing, suppressing mouth diseases, and alleviating sleep apnoea symptoms. It even enhances the effectiveness of your CPAP device.

Experience the transformative benefits of MyoTape: improved sleep quality, increased concentration, improved dental health, and reduced risks associated with mouth breathing. It’s the optimal solution for supporting your wellbeing.

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