MyoTape Nose Breathing For Sports


  • Better Breathing Efficiency
  • Maximal Oxygen Uptake
  • Stronger Respiratory Muscles
  • Faster Recovery After Exercise
  • Less Airway Irritation/exercise-induced Asthma

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90 strips in each pack

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Dimensions of Large MyoTape: Overall size 50mm high x 70mm wide. Opening for the lips: 16mm high x 40mm wide.

Color: Beige (skin tone)

Elevate your athletic performance with MyoTape Nose Breathing For Sports, a groundbreaking product designed to optimize your breathing efficiency during physical activity. Made from hypoallergenic cotton and skin-friendly adhesive, MyoTape stands up to the challenge of intense workouts, adhering to the skin even through sweat.

Experience the science-backed advantages of nasal breathing with MyoTape. Switching to nasal breathing can lead to increased oxygen uptake, stronger respiratory muscles, faster recovery post-exercise, and reduced airway irritation or exercise-induced asthma. MyoTape Sport allows you to practice the renowned Oxygen Advantage technique, taking your training to the next level. Despite ensuring lip closure for efficient nasal breathing, our tape design allows easy communication and hydration, ensuring you stay at the top of your game throughout your training sessions.

Boost your performance and recovery with MyoTape Nose Breathing For Sports. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or a fitness enthusiast, MyoTape is a game-changer that paves the way for efficient breathing and improved athletic performance. Start your MyoTape journey today, and feel the difference in your training and recovery!

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