Free Online Children Course

Explore our free online course for children, revealing fascinating nose and breathing exercises that promote a child’s overall health and development

Free Online Childrens Course

Boosting Confidence and Performance

Teach your child beneficial breathing exercises for enhancing self-confidence, clearing the nasal passage, and boosting sports performance.

Nose knows to Look Intelligent with a Beautiful Face

Magic Nose Unblocking Exercise

Dolphin Breathing for Sports Performance

Longevity Breathing

Introduce your child to ‘Tortoise Breathing’ exercises, designed to promote vitality and well-being.

Tortoise Breathing 1

Tortoise Breathing 2

Power and Recovery

Accelerate your child’s athletic abilities with ‘Race Horse Breathing,’ and learn efficient recovery breathing methods.

Race Horse Breathing to Run Faster

Breath Recovery Exercise

MyoTape Nose Breathing for Kids

MyoTape Nose Breathing For Kids

Invest in your child’s wellbeing with “MyoTape Nose Breathing For Kids”, designed to improve sleep quality, support healthy teeth and airway development, reduce behavioral and learning disorder symptoms, and enhance speech and auditory processing in children