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  • Designed to Support Breathing Through the Nose
  • Suitable for Adults and Children
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All the benefits of mouth taping with none of the downsides

  • Places around mouth

    Places around mouth

    Stimulates your muscles to tighten rather than forcing mouth closure like normal mouth tape

  • Facilitates mouth puffing

    Facilitates mouth puffing

    If mouth puffing is prevented by mouth tape covering lips, obstructive sleep apnea can worsen.

  • Allows emergency opening

    Allows emergency opening

    Less claustrophobic and safer if you need to open your mouth or have a drink

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Better sleep, better health

  • Restore Nasal Breathing

    Remove the morning 'dry mouth' feeling and improve sleep quality

  • Prevent Mouth Snoring

    Improve sleep quality by restoring light nasal breathing

  • CPAP, Mandibular device friendly

    CPAP, Mandibular device friendly

    Complements device usage by promoting nasal breathing

We are not like other Mouth Tapes

Named after the Latin "myo" for muscle, Myotape uniquely wraps around your mouth to activate the orbicularis oris muscle, for natural as opposed to forced mouth closure- offers all the benefits of mouth taping with none of the issues.

  • MyoTape Instruction

    Unique muscle stimulation

    Experience improved sleep, breathing, and performance without the discomfort or rigidity often associated with conventional mouth tapes. Suitable for adults and children, compatible with CPAP and mandibular devices use to improve sleep health

  • Patrick McKeown - Best Selling Author

    Safe and science based

    Designed by globally respected breathing expert and author Patrick McKeown- a Fellow of the Royal Society of Biology and the Academy of Applied Myofunctional Sciences. Patrick regularly speaks at dental and respiratory conferences worldwide shaping industry standards with his insights and expertise.

How to use MyoTape

MyoTape strips are easy to apply and remove.

  • Peel - An individual strip for use

    1. Peel

    An individual strip for use

  • Stretch - Your strip by 20-30%

    2. Stretch

    Your strip by 20-30%

  • Apply - Tape to the upper and lower lip

    3. Apply

    Tape around the upper and lower lip

  • Activate - Contact layer by gently pressing

    4. Activate

    Contact layer by gently pressing

Myotape in the News

The secret of MyoTape is spreading around the world

  • Chris Evans

    It wasn't restrictive at all, you can actually still open your mouth, but you don't unless you want to. So you don't open it automatically in the night. And I feel completely different this morning.

  • Mel Robbins

    'I'm gonna make sure to tape by husbands mouth with your tape'

  • James Nestor and Steven Bartlett

    'Myotape is fantastic...Takes away the paranoia that people have with first taping their mouth. Especially good for kids'

MyoTape supports a transition to Nasal Breathing

Children and excessive Mouth Breathing

Children and excessive Mouth Breathing

  • More Likely to Experience Poor Sleep Quality
  • A Stuffy Nose Reduces Concentration
  • Sleep Difficulties and Symptoms of ADHD in Children with Mouth Breathing
  • Impacts facial development (crooked teeth)
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Mouth Breathing Increases with Age

Mouth Breathing Increases with Age 

  • Research highlights that people over 40 years of age are six times more likely than younger people to spend more than 50% of their sleep time breathing through the mouth and nose combined.
  • Over-40s are already at an increased risk of sleep disorders including snoring and sleep apnea.
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Improve Sleep

Mouth Breathing and Dental Health 

  • Breathing Through the Mouth Can Affect Growth of the Face 
  • The Association between Mouth Breathing and Crooked Teeth  
  • Mouth Breathing can Increase Plaque 
  • Mouth Breathing and Increased Risk of Periodontal Disease 
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Improve Sleep Apnea

Importance of Nasal Breathing for Asthma 

  • Mouth Breathing is Associated with Worsening of Asthma 
  • Breathing Through the Nose Helps Protect against Exercise Induced Asthma  
  • Breathing Through the Mouth Reduces Lung Function in Mild Asthma 
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Discover the benefits of MyoTape, wake up feeling revitalized, and say goodbye to tiredness. Transform your health and energy levels today!

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