MyoTape Nose Breathing Small Tape


  • MyoTape helps gently restore breathing through the nose.
  • Easy to Use – MyoTape sleep strips surround the mouth, and bring together the lips with light elastic tension. They do not cover the mouth.
  • Skin-Friendly – MyoTape is made using cotton and skin-friendly glue.
  • Expert Designed – Designed by international renowned breathing expert Patrick McKeown, Author of the Oxygen Advantage.

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90 strips in each pack

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Dimensions of Small MyoTape: Overall size 35mm high x 55mm wide. Opening for the lips: 11mm high x 35mm wide.

Our original MyoTape Nose Breathing Small Tape is a game-changer for promoting healthier breathing habits in children! This unique product is designed to encourage nasal breathing by gently bringing the lips together using a soft, hypoallergenic adhesive tape. Crafted from cotton, the tape is safe and comfortable, ensuring your child can communicate effectively while wearing it. Made for kids aged four and up, MyoTape Small is a perfect solution to integrate into their daily routine, whether they’re engrossed in play, watching TV, or using their iPad.

MyoTape isn’t just about promoting better breathing; it’s about enhancing your child’s overall well being. By encouraging nose breathing, MyoTape aids in improving sleep quality, supporting functional orthodontics and healthy teeth, and reducing symptoms of behavioral and learning disorders. The positive impact on speech and auditory processing can’t be overstated.

Application of MyoTape is a breeze – simply remove the paper backing, stretch the tape by about 30%, encourage your child to close their lips, and then place the tape around the mouth. It’s easy to remove and recommended for daily use for 60 to 90 days or until nasal breathing is restored. For enhanced results, combine it with our free online children’s breathing program to further improve breathing patterns and alleviate nasal congestion. Experience the transformation that MyoTape Nose Breathing Small Tape can bring to your child’s health and happiness!

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