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Sleep Better with MyoTape

Designed for Better Breathing, Improved Sleep Quality and Cognitive Function.

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Sleep Better with MyoTape
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Patrick McKeown

Welcome to MyoTape, a product designed to revolutionize your sleep and wellness. Born from the insights of Patrick McKeown, an internationally acclaimed breathing coach, MyoTape is more than just a product – it’s a lifestyle change.

Our mission is to help you master the art of nasal breathing, paving the way for improved sleep, enhanced concentration, and boosted overall health. MyoTape gently encourages lip closure without covering the mouth, offering you a comfortable, effective solution to common sleep issues.

Ready to take the first step towards a healthier, more energized you?

Benefits of MyoTape

Prevent Mouth Snoring

Prevent Mouth Snoring

Snoring is a common problem that can lead to broken sleep for both the snorer and their partner. Breathing through an open mouth worsens snoring as it dries out and narrows the airways, causing turbulence in the nose, mouth, and throat. This creates an unpleasant and disruptive noise that can make bedtime a nightmare. However, by practicing light, calm, nasal breathing, you can reduce the symptoms of snoring and sleep apnea.

Improve Sleep Apnea and support CPAP

Sleep apnea is a serious condition that can cause significant health problems, including hypertension, cardiorespiratory illness, and even sudden cardiac death. Mouth breathing is a significant contributing factor to the onset and persistence of sleep apnea, and it can make the problem more challenging to treat. Studies have shown that a high proportion of CPAP non-compliance is due to mouth breathing, which reduces the effectiveness of the treatment.

To encourage nose breathing with CPAP, the common solution is to use a chinstrap. However, chinstraps can be uncomfortable and ineffective. MyoTape provides a simple and gentle solution to restore nasal breathing and ensure optimal CPAP function throughout the night. By using MyoTape, you will experience fewer awakenings and wake up feeling refreshed, allowing you to manage your sleep apnea symptoms and enjoy a better quality of life.

Improve Sleep Apnea and support CPAP
Help Focus, Improve Sleep Quality, and Reduce Fatigue

Help Focus, Improve Sleep Quality, and Reduce Fatigue

Poor sleep quality can lead to a range of issues, including irritability, poor concentration, reduced productivity, and increased stress levels. Hypnotic sleep aids can provide short-term relief but may have side effects and addictive potential. In contrast, nasal breathing promotes slow, deep breathing that ensures adequate oxygen reaches the brain and triggers the parasympathetic nervous system, inducing relaxation and reducing the hyper-arousal associated with insomnia.

MyoTape supports functional breathing, allowing you to achieve long-term, healthy sleep. With regular, restorative rest, the nervous system becomes stabilized, returning the body and mind to a calmer state, reducing the risk of accidents and supporting overall health and wellbeing. Say goodbye to poor sleep quality and hello to a more peaceful, productive life with MyoTape.

Improve dental health

Unbeknownst to many, mouth breathing goes beyond a mere habit. It poses significant threats to dental health in both children and adults, impacting everything from craniofacial development in children to the onset of gum disease, dental cavities, and halitosis.

To elevate the quality of care and secure the best long-term results for patients, it is critical for dentists to guide their patients – both young and mature – towards adopting nasal breathing during periods of rest, throughout sleep, and even during physical activities.

Embracing nasal breathing is an essential step towards improved dental health.

Improve dental health

How MyoTape Works

MyoTape supports nasal breathing by gently holding the lips together during sleep and physical activity.
Made From Stretchy Elastic Fabric And Hypoallergenic, Skin-friendly Glue
90 Strips Per Pack (Approx. 3 Months’ Supply)
Available in 3 Sizes: For Adults, Teens and Kids
Options available: For Sport, Beards or Sensitive Skin
Improves Quality of Sleep, Dental Health and Athletic Performance
MyoTape Instruction

Ideal For Adults and Kids

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Discover the benefits of MyoTape, wake up feeling revitalized, and say goodbye to tiredness. Transform your health and energy levels today!

Questions & Answers

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Children aged from four years and adults.

The body is actually designed for nasal breathing, so it’s much better to breathe through your nose. Habitual mouth breathing is surprisingly common, but it’s an unhealthy way to breathe. Once you reach the age of 40, you’re 6 times more likely to spend at least part of your sleep breathing through an open mouth. And around 50% of children mouth-breathe at least some of the time.
Mouth breathing causes you to inhale more air than the body needs, unbalancing the blood biochemistry. This is a dysfunctional breathing pattern called chronic hyperventilation. It causes blood CO2 levels to drop, and without adequate carbon dioxide, the body is not able to access adequate amounts of oxygen from the blood. When you mouth-breathe, you also bypass the dilatory properties of nasal nitric oxide and CO2. The nose becomes congested and it becomes difficult to breathe any other way than through the mouth.
Chronic hyperventilation, and its nighttime alter ego, sleep-disordered breathing, factor in many physical and mental illnesses, from high blood pressure to anxiety disorder. While nasal breathing engages the diaphragm, slows and normalizes breathing volume, and filters and warms the air before it enters the lungs, keeping the airways moist and protected from irritants, bacteria and viruses, mouth breathing does none of these things.
It’s time to make the switch!
  1. Remove the paper backing from your MYOTAPE
  2. Using your hands, gently stretch the tape by about 20%
  3. Bring you lips together
  4. Gently place the tape so that it surrounds your mouth

Yes. The tape is a training support, not a punishment! The idea behind the light elastic tension, which ‘reminds’ the mouth to close rather than sealing the lips, is to make it easy and rewarding to restore nasal breathing.

We want you to see results from your very first week, and we want to help you restore healthy breathing patterns for long-term health. For this reason, MYOTAPE is specifically designed to be comfortable to wear.

Yes, we have designed a new version specifically for use with facial hair.

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