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Mouth Tape for Adults

Mouth Tape for Adults

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Tape Size
  • 1 pack = 90 day supply
  • MyoTape helps gently restore breathing through the nose.
  • Easy to Use – MyoTape sleep strips surround the mouth, and bring together the lips with light elastic tension. They do not cover the mouth.
  • Skin-Friendly – MyoTape is made using cotton and skin-friendly glue. Expert
  • Designed – Designed by international renowned breathing expert Patrick McKeown, Author of the Oxygen Advantage.
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What size should I buy

All faces are different, however our guidance on sizing is:

  • Large

    For most men and circa 50% of women.

    Mouth Width greater than 52mm (2.05 inches)

  • Medium

    For more petite faces and teenagers

    Mouth Width between 47mm and 52mm (1.85 inches and 2.05 inches)

  • Small

    For children - older children

    Mouth Width less than 47mm (1.85 inches)

How to measure

  • Get a ruler and find a mirror

    Get a ruler and find a mirror

  • Relax your face and mouth

    Relax your face and mouth (ie a neutral face expression)

  • Measure the width of your mouth

    Measure the width of your mouth

How to use MyoTape

MyoTape strips are easy to apply and remove.

  • Peel - An individual strip for use

    1. Peel

    An individual strip for use

  • Stretch - Your strip by 20-30%

    2. Stretch

    Your strip by 20-30%

  • Apply - Tape to the upper and lower lip

    3. Apply

    Tape around the upper and lower lip

  • Activate - Contact layer by gently pressing

    4. Activate

    Contact layer by gently pressing

Customer Reviews

Based on 66 reviews
Margaret Z.
Better sleep

I think that the myotape helped me to sleep more soundly. I woke up less during the night, and woke up feeling more rested. It is not uncomfortable at all; I hardy knew it was there.

Making a Difference

It takes a little getting used to but l do believe it is making a difference. I am staying asleep longer. Fewer morning headaches and l dont wake up with a dried up mouth. Maybe feeling more rested and thereby less RA pain. Time will tell but for now a definite thumbs up.

Martin F.
Clever Design

MyoTape is helping a lot keeping my airways open while sleeping. I have tried surgical tape before which gave me a hard time during „difficult“ nights because it didn’t allow mouth breathing at all. The clever design of MyoTape does keep the mouth shut but leaves the possibility of breathing through the mouth if necessary. This helps me mouth taping every night without worrying. Since I use MyoTape my sleep became better and the blocked nose is more seldomly.

Nuria D.
essential for my patients and for myself

I am a speech therapist, a specialist in orofacial motor skills, and for me, myotape is essential when working with oral respirator patients. Reduction of snoring, mucus production, allergic symptoms, as well as promoting oral closure and the work of the orbicularis muscles. I also use it to sleep so I verify everything my patients tell me

myotape review

I thought these strips would be hard to use but they are actually quite comfortable and easy to get used to. I use them because my dentist alerted me to the fact that mouth breathing was drying my mouth and damaging my gums. These tapes corrected that quickly.