About Us

Discover the story behind MyoTape - an innovative product designed to improve sleep and breathing, created by the world-renowned breathing expert Patrick McKeown.

Our Story

Inspired by decades of breathing expertise, MyoTape was born out of a desire to help children and adults improve their sleep quality, reduce the risk of snoring and sleep apnea and enhance their health through the power of nasal breathing.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help you master the art of nasal breathing, paving the way for improved sleep, enhanced concentration, and boosted overall health.

MyoTape gently encourages lip closure without covering the mouth, offering you a comfortable, effective solution to common sleep issues.

Our Founder

Our products are designed by Patrick McKeown, a globally respected breathing expert, author, and TEDx speaker.

MyoTape is a ground-breaking product promoting healthy breathing for improved sleep. His experience at Oxygen Advantage and Buteyko Clinic International has been instrumental in creating MyoTape, a solution for widespread issues associated with mouth breathing. 

Patrick’s co-authored article, Breathing Re-Education and Phenotypes of Sleep Apnea: A Review is published in the Journal of Clinical Medicine. Patrick is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Biology and the Academy of Applied Myofunctional Sciences and is regularly invited to speak at dental and respiratory conferences worldwide.

He is passionate about the science and application of functional breathing. His life is dedicated to sharing knowledge and skills to help others take control of their health.

MyoTape uniquely replicates mouth tape whilst facilitating mouth opening

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How to use MyoTape

MyoTape strips are easy to apply and remove

  • 1. Peel

    An individual strip for use

  • 2. Stretch

    Your strip by 20-30%

  • 3. Apply

    Tape to the upper and lower lip

  • 4. Activate

    Contact layer by gently pressing