Breathing with Purpose - How Nasal Inhalation Enhances Visuospatial Awareness

Breathing with Purpose: How Nasal Inhalation Enhances Visuospatial Awareness

Breathing is an essential, often overlooked aspect of our lives. The way we breathe, specifically through the mouth or nose, carries significant implications for our cognitive function. Interestingly, a group of researchers at the Weizmann Institute in Israel shed light on this in 2019, providing compelling evidence that nasal breathing may improve visuospatial awareness.

The Evolutionary Perspective: Sniffing Out Danger

Our sense of smell has always been a critical survival tool, helping us detect potential dangers in our environment. This, of course, extends to our distant ancestors, who relied on their sense of smell to make life-or-death decisions, accurately assessing their surroundings for predators or hazards.

According to the team at the Weizmann Institute, this ancient sensory system may have evolved in conjunction with nasal inhalation. The researchers postulated that nasal inhalation, even in the context of modern life and competitive sports, could trigger conditions in the brain that enhance visuospatial focus.

Nasal Breathing and Brain Synchronization

In their study, the Weizmann team demonstrated that nasal breathing synchronizes electrical activity in the brain on a wavelength that maximizes visuospatial (VS) awareness. This implies that the simple act of breathing through the nose can have profound impacts on our perception of the space around us. For athletes, artists, and anyone who relies on keen spatial awareness, this discovery offers a powerful and accessible tool to potentially boost performance and cognition.

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